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When biking, it’s necessary to put on a helmet to defend your head, however that’s now not sufficient. It must be the proper measurement on your head to provide the utmost coverage and steer clear of falling off. The WertelOberfel ESUB Tracks Smart Helmet comes supplied with a self-adjusting fitting system to stay you secure at the highway. Once you’ve closed the chin buckle, an electrical pressure fastens the straps till the helmet is a secure, cosy have compatibility. The ESUB Tracks Smart Helmet makes use of a small Nano Arduino building board and a set of published natural batteries to energy those digital parts. Furthermore, the helmet features proximity sensors that track the realm surrounding you. And, if a rapid automobile approaches, the helmet will vibrate to provide you with a warning, so you’ll be able to transfer to protection. Finally, it additionally features mild signs, a microphone, and audio system to beef up your protection and pleasure when biking.

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