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Using revolutionary new technology, the Vuzix Next Gen Smart Glasses incorporate MicroLED display engines. Combining taste and serve as, those totally wi-fi Vuzix glasses have fully clear complex waveguide optics. Furthermore, the Vuzix Next Gen Smart Glasses have ultra-slim binocular waveguides powered by a tiny pair of environment friendly MicroLED projectors. With a one-micron projector for each and every eye, they invent a transparent video the use of a shockingly high-density pixel array for each monochrome and full-color eventualities. The low-power MicroLED display works along with the integrated noise-canceling microphones for impeccable telephone calls and UI integration. Great to be used each indoors and out of doors, those are good glasses you’ll if truth be told wish to put on. In truth, they have a graceful glance that boasts a trendy, at ease design with a tortoiseshell best part and clear backside part. So they’re no longer simplest wearable but additionally helpful, supplying you with a greater hooked up cellular enjoy.

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