Top 5 Mistakes To Avoid Losing Page Rank And Website SEO

Top 5 Mistakes To Avoid Losing Page Rank And Website SEO

If you have been reading my articles here for some time now, you will realise e that most articles are more towards things you should do and not otherwise. Therefore, I decided to write this article, things you should not do when it comes to improving search engine page results and page ranks.

For starters, we all know how important these page ranks are for us both bloggers and webmasters. However, we are usually ‘covered’ or blindfolded just to get that additional boost when it comes to increasing our search engine visibility which could easily backfire towards us. Here are the important things you should NOT do to avoid losing your page rank or affecting your search engine optimization capabilities.

1. Duplicate content will hurt your page rank

This is the same everywhere you go. If you want to create high-quality articles, always ensure that the duplicate content must not be more than 10% of its original. Anything more and you might be flagged as writing or publishing low-quality materials. This is why I would always suggest writers to write articles on their own instead of using other blogger’s ideas.

Top 5 Mistakes To Avoid Losing Page Rank And Website SEO

2. Link exchange is useless nowadays

Search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing are already ignoring traffic coming from link exchange websites. Whenever you are using a link exchange, you are actually forcing visitors to read the content of your website. Indirectly, you are actually lowering the quality of your website due to link exchanges. Search engines would prefer your website to get a majority of traffic from search engines itself instead of the referral or direct traffic. If you want to use link exchange, use it with care and full of cautions.

3. Taking spelling and grammar mistakes for granted

Let’s face this. Spelling error and grammar mistake is very common and anyone can do the same mistake. In order to curb this, you got to make sure that you are checking back the articles you had written from time to time to ensure that small mistakes are found and taken cared of immediately.

4. Avoid traffic boost by selling links back to your website

As the saying above, if you want to avoid being penalized by Google, always avoid selling links back to your website. Simply by doing this, you might experience a drop in your page rank the next time Google updates the page rank results. Even though you might experience a traffic boost, you might be affected when it comes to page ranks. So, the choice is in your hands where do you want to have more traffic or higher page rank?

5. Buying backlinks from others

Okay, let’s face it. If we can think about this, Google will have thought of that too! Always avoid buying links from another website regardless of how good or tempting it is. Focus on increase your page ranks and search engine visibility with the right way and not by just buying them. Google hates cheaters and thus, buying these link builders might actually give you more trouble compared to advantages for your site.

In short, here are the 5 things you must definitely not do in order to avoid penalization from search engines or losing page ranks. I strongly advise you to start practising them right now as Google Page Rank update is just round the corner. Also, if you want to further prepare yourself for the update, then you should check out this article, Why are search engines so important and how you can benefit from them.

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