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Looking for a good way to open bottles at your subsequent birthday party? The Cap-Extractor bottle opener opens beverage bottles in some way that lets you reuse the cap. Keep studying this weblog put up to be informed extra about this cool and helpful drink accent.

How incessantly have you set your bottled drink down at a birthday party to lend a hand your host and returned to a beverage that’s grew to become flat? While there’s one thing enjoyable about ingesting from a pitcher bottle, the hangup is that you can’t reclose them—till now. The Cap-Extractor bottle opener is a nifty little gadget that lets you reuse the cap of a pitcher beer or soda bottle. It’s about time any person invented this gadget.

Mass-produced glass bottles had been round in the US since 1739. And with this handy bottle opener, there’s after all a competent approach to open them in order that we will be able to reuse the caps. This innovative gadget suits conveniently to your hand and gently opens your bottle whilst protecting the cap’s form intact. And with an aircraft-grade or chrome steel housing, you’ll at all times open your beverages in taste.

How does this cool bottle opener work?

The Cap-Extractor bottle opener has 12 chrome steel tooth that grip the crown cap as you flip the wheel to open the bottle. This permits this innovative bottle opener to take away the cap with out destroying its form. Since its form stays intact, you can use the cap once more to near your bottle quickly and stay your drink brand new. It seems like a beautiful cool birthday party trick, however there’s not anything that doesn’t meet the eye about this useful gadget.

What does the Cap-Extractor come with?

This innovative bottle opener has 39 particular person portions fabricated from top quality chrome steel. According to the corporate’s Kickstarter web page, this product’s high quality is one thing you can really feel when you hang it to your arms because of the Cap-Extractor’s weight and precision all the way through use.

Cap-Extractor bottle opener

Cap-Extractor bottle opener with out an engraving

What does the cap seem like after it’s been opened?

After you’ve opened your bottle with the Cap-Extractor, you’ll realize that the cap most effective has one power level in its heart. The remainder of the cap stays instantly, making it simple to ward off onto the bottle. The cap helps to keep the bottle tightly closed, so you gained’t have to fret about it falling off. And in a similar fashion, you can come again to a fresh-tasting drink even after you’ve stepped away for a little bit.

Cap-Extractor Bottle Opener

Cap-Extractor bottle opener in colour choices

What choices are there for the housing design?

About the housing of this gadget, you can make a selection one fabricated from anodized aluminum in silver, blue, crimson, or black colour choices. Otherwise, you may just go for the chrome steel housing for an excellent sleeker glance. Both types will also be engraved with a compass, eagle, or Ying Yang design.

Is this product sturdy?

You wager it’s. This innovative bottle opener used to be designed for optimum sturdiness. The corporate says that it most effective makes use of rustproof fabrics and that each one the aluminum surfaces are anodized. So this can be a gadget that you can use for a very long time. And due to its small dimension, the Cap-Extractor is tremendous moveable. So you may just come with it as a part of your EDC as a result of having the skill to crack open and reuse a beverage bottle at any time is beautiful useful.

Are the fabrics sustainable?

This drink accent options chrome steel and aluminum, two fabrics which can be somewhat sustainable. Both aluminum and chrome steel will also be recycled infinitely, so there’s no prohibit on how again and again those fabrics can undergo the procedure. This is a product that gained’t finally end up in a landfill.

Open your bottle the trendy method

No subject the place you pass with this innovative bottle opener—a pal’s birthday party, a bar, café, and extra—you’ll open your beverages with taste. This gadget is fabricated from top quality fabrics, and the chrome steel wheel is lovely. You’ll at all times be ready to have a great time when you stay this bottle opener to your bag or pocket. Finally, this gadget works smartly, which the major requirement of any nice product design.

The Cap-Extractor bottle opener is somewhat actually a at hand gadget. It suits to your palm, is comfy to carry, and, easiest of all, lets you put the cap again for your glass bottle. This bottle opener makes a superb present, particularly as a stocking stuffer.

The Cap-Extractor bottle opener prices $106, and you can preorder it on Kickstarter.

What varieties of cool devices have you observed or purchased in recent years? Let us know in the feedback.

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