The Yes Company ChopBox smart cutting board features a UV-C light to kill germs & bacteria » Gadget Flow

Keep a sanitized kitchen with The Yes Company ChopBox smart cutting board. It features UV-C light to kill 99.99% of germs and bacteria in two mins. This board additionally features an inset sanitizing light to disinfect up to 3 knives directly. But its features don’t simply finish there. With a integrated LED timer, you’ll by no means overcook your meals once more. Set the LED timer for up to 9 hours to stay on course when cooking. Furthermore, it’s supplied with meals scales, so you’ll lower and weigh on the similar time. This meals scale measures up to 3kg and items measurements in grams and oz.. And if that’s now not sufficient, this smart cutting board sharpens two knives with a integrated sharpener. Finally, a one-hour price lasts up to 30 days, making it nice for day by day use.

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