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The Spider X Backpacker Kit is a flexible, multiuse sporting machine that permits you to raise a light- to medium-weight camera with convenience and straightforwardness. The Backpack Adapter fastens to your backpack’s strap to be used with the Spider X Holster and the integrated SpiderGentle Z Camera Plate. You too can take away the Spider X Holster from the adapter and fix it to any belt. The Holster’s self-locking design secures your camera when no longer in use, fighting it from shifting up and out by chance. Simply rotate upward whilst casting off your camera for a herbal, quick-draw free up. The adapter pad cushions your camera, whilst the lens wrap prevents camera motion when strolling or mountain climbing. Also integrated is the GoPro Adapter Plate, which mounts a GoPro to your Backpack Adapter or Arca-Swiss taste tripod.

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