Sometimes Copied Content is More Relevant

Google’s John Mueller responded a query about how Google handles copied content material. Mueller’s solution lined other sorts of replica content material. He ended his reaction with an statement in regards to the unique supply of content material and relevance.

How Does Google Determine Original Source of Content?

The individual asking the query sought after to understand how Google decided which content material is the unique supply and which content material copied.

The query:

“How Google determines if a particular… content is copied or not and who is the original source for that content?”

John Mueller gave a large solution that used other sorts of copied content material as examples (like boilerplate content material used throughout a whole site).

This means had the impact of giving a rounded review of the other sorts of copied content material that Google has to take care of.

Screenshot of Google’s John Mueller Discussing Copied Content

Google’s Mueller explaining how Google handles copied content material and why the replica can outrank the unique content materialMueller responded:


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“I think it’s kind of tricky in some aspects… in some aspects it’s really easy because if you take a piece of text and you search for it then it’s exactly the same text that is on the web or on other pages then that’s a pretty good sign that this is copied content.

So for example if you have copied content that is more along the lines of boilerplate text like, you have… legal disclaimer on the bottom of your site. Which is something that you have across all of your pages of your site.

Then technically, that’s copied content.

But practically for us, that’s not really an issue because these are things that people are generally not searching for. It’s not that they’re searching for the legal disclaimer and they want to find your site.

It’s more they’re looking for your primary content. And… in that regard it’s something where we try to weigh the copied content appropriately but also kind of like still look at the rest of your site.

It’s easy to recognize that there’s copied content on these pages but it’s hard to figure out what we should do about that copied content.”


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Determining Ownership of Content is Difficult

In the next passage the audio is garbled, that’s why one of the most quote is in parentheses, as that’s my estimation of what Mueller stated.

John Mueller addressed authorship of content material, in particular within the issue of figuring out who is the main writer.

Mueller stated:

“(With regard to the) author or owner of that content, I don’t think we go and make any judgement in that regard because that’s really tricky like… we can’t determine who is the owner.”

Why Copied Content Can Be More Relevant Than the Original

Mueller ended by the use of Google’s personal weblog posts for instance of Google’s set of rules ranking different websites forward of Google’s personal content material. He stated it used to be about relevance.

“And sometimes the person who wrote it first is not the one for example that is the most relevant.

So we see this a lot of times for example with our own blog posts where we will write a blog post and we’ll put the information we want to share on our blog post and someone will copy that content and they will add a lot of extra information around it.

It’s like, here’s what Google really wants to tell you and it’s like reading between the lines and the secret to Google’s algorithms.

And when someone is searching it’s like maybe they want to find the original source. Maybe they want to find this more elaborate… exploration of the content itself.

So, just because something is original doesn’t mean that it’s the one that is the most relevant when someone is looking for that information.”

Originality Doesn’t Always Mean Relevant

Quoting one thing and providing statement at the quote is normally thought to be honest use. Mueller demonstrated that what counts extra about content material is the way it pertains to a person question.

Sometimes that may imply ensuring that the content material solutions the why, how, and what kind questions which can be inherent in some seek queries.


Watch John Mueller solution query about unique and copied content material:

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