Sites Can Safely Display Pop-Ups On Temporary Basis

Google’s John Mueller says websites can show pop-ups with out being affected by the cellular interstitials penalty, so long as the pop-ups are brief.

Since the intrusive interstitials penalty was once offered in 2016, the phrase from Google has been to steer clear of appearing pop-ups to cellular guests or possibility having your pages devalued in seek.

Now we’ve discovered it’s protected to show pop-ups on cellular, no less than for a restricted time-frame.

Penalizing intrusive interstitials isn’t top at the checklist of priorities for Google’s internet unsolicited mail crew, Mueller says.

This subject is introduced up right through the Google Search Central place of work hours circulation hung on January 22. A query is submitted from a website proprietor asking about the use of a cellular pop-up for a restricted duration to seize leads.


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The website proprietor needs to run a survey for per week and direct guests’ consideration to it with a pop-up.

Can the website do this with out being devalued in seek effects?

Here’s what Mueller says.

Google’s John Mueller on Pop-Ups and Mobile Search

Mueller says it’s not going a website can be devalued in seek effects for briefly exhibiting pop-ups to cellular guests.

Even if Google did devalue the website it wouldn’t be got rid of from seek effects. It may even finally end up ranking regardless of the pop-up.

What’s known as an interstitials “penalty” is extra of a delicate ranking factor, Mueller explains. While delicate, it might probably can rely towards a website in Google’s seek scores to a point.


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If you’re going to make use of a cellular pop-up, Mueller recommends no longer leaving it up lengthy and no longer appearing it to each customer that lands for your website.

“I don’t think we would penalize a website for anything like this. The web spam team has other things to do than to penalize a website for having a pop-up.

There are two aspects that could come into play. On one hand we have, on mobile, the policy of the intrusive interstitials, so that might be something to watch out for that you don’t keep it too long or show it to everyone all the time.

With that policy it’s more of a subtle ranking factor that we use to adjust the ranking slightly if we see that there’s no useful content on the page when we load it. That’s something that could come into play, but it’s more something that would be a temporary thing.”

Let’s say you get started appearing pop-ups to cellular guests, and intend to take action for brief time period, however Google choices up at the sign straight away. What occurs then?

It’s no longer one thing that may rely towards your website completely. Mueller says Google will transfer on when it recrawls your website and sees the pop-up has been got rid of.

“If you have this survey on your site for a week or so, then during that time we might pick up on that signal, we might respond to that signal, and then if you have removed it we can essentially move on as well. So it’s not that there’s going to be a lasting effect there.”

Lastly, Mueller provides that websites can run into issues in the event that they show a pop-up in lieu of right kind content material. It’s very best no longer to try this as Google will index the content material within the pop-up which can harm scores.


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“Another aspect that you want to watch out for is if you’re showing the pop-up instead of your normal content then we will index the content of the pop-up. If you’re showing the pop-up in addition to the existing content, which sounds like the case, then we would still have the existing content to index and that would kind of be okay.”

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