Should You Disavow Links That Are Stealing Important Rankings With Syndicated Content?

Today’s Ask an SEO query comes from Alessandro in Germany. Alessandro asks:

“Should I disavow all links that come from a domain (with that is stealing us important rankings with syndicated content? Or should we ask them to add a canonical to all syndicated content (past and future content)?”

Google’s disavow device is a little like a chainsaw.

It’s nice for slicing down forests, clearing out massive roadblocks, and slicing down the random useless or bothered tree.

But whilst you get started looking to create bits and bobs with a chainsaw, your almost certainly going to run into some problems.

The similar is going for the disavow device.

Google doesn’t let us know which hyperlinks are serving to our website and what sort of they’re serving to our website.


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Every time you employ the disavow device, you’re operating the danger of reducing out hyperlinks which can be in reality serving to you rank for explicit key phrases.

But if you’ll be able to see that you’ve a complete wooded area of useless timber, a chainsaw is important.

The similar is correct you probably have a plethora of clearly poisonous hyperlinks pointing at your website.

I all the time warning my shoppers to use the disavow tool sparingly.

I’ve witnessed many cases the place an overzealous SEO skilled has in reality harm their scores by disavowing suspect hyperlinks that have been in reality offering price in Google’s eyes.

My trained suspicion is that Google is aware of extra in regards to the hyperlinks which can be pointing at your website than you do, and usually if a link is suspect, they only don’t rely it.


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But on occasion they do rely hyperlinks, and in the event you cross and disavow them, it’s a little like reducing the trunk of a wholesome tree somewhat than pruning dangerous branches.

Canonicalization Over Disavow

To solution the query in particular, I’ve to make a couple of assumptions.

I’m assuming that the website in query is outranking the website the place the syndicated content material is originating.

I’m additionally assuming that the website the place the content material is syndicated has permission to put up the content material in query.

In this example, the solution is beautiful transparent minimize.

As I’ve defined in earlier Ask an SEO columns, Google needs to rank the unique content material when the content material is syndicated.

If you’ve the authority to require that the website in query position a canonical tag on all content material syndicated out of your website, you will have to accomplish that.

Especially if the website in query is outranking your website on your personal content material.

It would now not be suitable to disavow hyperlinks from a website this is republishing your unique content material – until that website used to be poisonous and in reality harming your scores.

I’ve a difficult time envisioning a state of affairs the place one website republishing your content material could be motive for sufficient fear to take out the chainsaw of disavow.

The Purpose of Disavow

Again, the disavow device isn’t one thing for use frivolously.

The disavow device will have to handiest be used if you’ve sketchy hyperlinks pointing at your website.

The unique purpose of the disavow tool used to be to struggle detrimental SEO.

I’ll be the primary to let you know that detrimental SEO is actual, even if true circumstances of detrimental SEO are uncommon.


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I’ve had numerous possibilities means me with suspicion of negative SEO.

I’ve handiest discovered a handful of tangible detrimental SEO, or even fewer circumstances the place tried detrimental SEO has in reality brought about harm to a website.

But it does occur.

And when it occurs, the disavow device is an absolute necessity for restoration.

The disavow device may be often used for websites that experience carried out some sketchy link construction prior to now and wish to trade their techniques.

In reality, usually, you should use the disavow device whilst you publish a reconsideration request to Google to try to get out of a handbook penalty.

But the disavow device isn’t supposed to stay your competition from ranking on your syndicated content material.


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There are different equipment, comparable to canonicalization and general link construction which can be a lot more suitable for outranking your competition.

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