SEO Techniques: Buy Expired Domains With PageRank For Instant Website Growth

SEO Techniques: Buy Expired Domains With PageRank For Instant Website Growth

Among the many SEO techniques that the specialists in the field put into practice, for some time now this is taking into consideration that of buying expiring domains or buying expired domains already indexed by search engines to put them back on their feet or use them to “push ”Other sites.

I like to talk about this technique because right now I am trying to put it into practice too and I must say that at the moment I am unable to give a positive but not a negative opinion and I am sure that among the many who will read this article, many will know me to talk about their experience.

Let’s see in substance how it works and what precautions must be taken to implement it. Meanwhile, we start from the assumption that it is possible to buy domains already positioned: Sedo type sites offer the possibility of the parking function (i.e. park an unused domain keeping it alive and earn or by advertising or by selling the same domain ). The prices are obviously not affordable. The same thing I noticed also does the giant of the American providers Godaddy (and I have seen domains even costing $ 50,000 !!!).

This is because it is not enough just to find a name that maybe has the keyword that interests us but there are also other things to take into consideration: first the domain must not have been penalized by Google: in that case, it would be really counterproductive to do any positioning operation sites.

The site should have at least a zero PageRank or one to start producing benefits (there are also sites that, in the face of penalties, go negative). Said PageRank, the fundamental parameter are the backlinks still present: a domain that has PR 5 without backlinks will be less attractive than one that has PR2 but with thousands of incoming links even better if from many different sites. In this article, I have already told you about the importance of having many sites that link to ours with links ( guest post, direct links, etc. etc.) and how Google will judge a site by how many “important” sites follow it. In essence, succeeding with the recovery techniques of the backlinks of expired domains could represent an interesting operation in terms of positioning.

The best high PR domains will be those with a longer history: the more years they have been in life, the better their quality (which means they haven’t been squeezed too much to get into anything else in the engines of Research). Be warned, however, that expired domains could often lose backlinks and PageRank so quickly how fast it has been to benefit from it.

And pay attention also to those who carry fake PageRank behind them: an example are the domains used to redirect on another site which also has the domains, for example,, .net, .info etc. etc. which only act as a redirection to the parent site).The last thing not to be underestimated is the presence or absence of the domain in the DMOZ directories (the most authoritative directory on the web, few manage to enter), and the estimated CPC (cost per click) for the keywords entered in the name itself ( this is useful for those who decide to buy an indexed domain to put their site on it).At this point, the beauty comes; how to buy an expiring or expired domain with PageRank?

There are various methods: the most difficult one is definitely trying it on your own: wait for the same to pass the state of “pending delete” (the period of time from when it is obscured until it is deleted) and buy it. Here are the difficulties of timing and knowing the right time to do the operation. To help us there are sites like Nidoma that do this for us once we have chosen the expiring domain in which we are interested. Obviously, the cost of the domain will be slightly higher as Nidoma undertakes to return the domain name we are interested in.

Keep in mind that there are also other sites on the net, most of them American.The other solution is to search the net, and there are many, portals that daily publish the list of free domains for purchase: if you can find something you like and with the characteristics listed above, you will not have to do anything else than register the domain with any provider and at the best price and do whatever you want.

In short, these are some of my considerations: I tried to buy expired domains with PageRank but apart from fair visibility obtained immediately after filling them with contents and recovering lost backlinks, I do not seem to have given a big push to those of reference concerned. Obviously, it will take some time and techniques that I still have to experiment but I would like to read your experiences, including corrections to my article and my procedures.

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