ROLI Lumi portable beginner’s keyboard features lights to guide you as you play » Gadget Flow

The ROLI Lumi portable beginner’s keyboard is great for novice musicians searching for an effective, non-intimidating way to learn to play the piano. Start off the learning process by listening to your favorite songs from the Lumi library. Each key will light up with the exact note, guiding you to play correctly. In fact, it embodies a fun, colorful design. In addition, this portable beginner’s keyboard features 100 in-app lessons. Or, you can purchase LUMI Complete for access to more lessons and music. This includes learning scales, chords, techniques, and more from interactive video tutorials, so you can progress with your music abilities. And as you improve playing, you can purchase another Lumi and connect the devices for additional keys. Overall, this keyboard is portable and an effective way to learn an instrument from the comfort of your own home.

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