Pinterest-Why Should You Be Using It?


When Pinterest launched there were loud guffaws all over the internet about it. I read many comments stating that a silly little site where people pin their favourite things was nothing more than virtual scrapbooking and for chicks only.

Who is laughing now?

Let’s look at some recent statistics regarding the popularity of using Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook and how they rank in referral traffic:

Women trust Pinterest’s reviews more than any other platform. As per BlogHer’s annual research on women’s and social networking, 82% trust Pinterest versus Facebook (67 per cent) and Twitter (73 per cent).

But Why? Simply because of women folk trust other women more than anybody else in their circles. As a result, 47 per cent of women purchased anything on the basis of recommendations and review they obtained from Pinterest’s while they purchased only 33 per cent because of a Facebook suggestion.PINTEREST PEAKING YOUR INTEREST?

If you are thinking this is no big deal, I would think again because Pinterest has a ranking higher than Twitter in how much time? It is brand new, launched in 2012 and it does with ease what people want – pins pictures.

We are visual people and pictures say more than any 140 character post ever can. “A picture is worth a thousand words.” – there are many opinions as to who said that but it is spot on when it comes to appeal to the masses.

Who jumped on board quickly?

Women – we rule Pinterest at a whopping 90% of Users

Brands and companies have also seen the possibilities

Media, Publications

Men – yes they are getting it


Bloggers, Writers and Artists

The list goes on and on and on including sports teams, airlines, non-profs anything you can think of is boarding the Pinterest train with tickets in hand. The number of daily users is over 2 million – the number of monthly is over 12 million and this will just keep growing. Why do you think Facebook just launched a way to put favourite pages on a list so you can show your friends your favourites? They missed boarding this train so they are doing what they can to slow the Pinterest train down, but it’s fueled by too many users already. A slow-down is not going to happen, it is building more steam by the day.

Why should you be using it?

Allegedly Pinterest is bringing more people to sites than Google+, LinkedIn, and YouTube combined. Pause and think about that for a moment.

There is a huge opportunity here in the business environment as well as using it strictly for personal pleasure. There are also rules and etiquette to follow.

Read the Pinterest terms of service before you begin to pin anything.

Properly credit your sources – remember many photographs belong to people who got paid or who sell them as their career – they are not to be used without permission or giving credit ALL THE WAY BACK TO THE ORIGINAL PHOTOGRAPHER. I cannot stress this enough as you could get a letter from an attorney and no one wants that in their mailbox.

As a writer/blogger I will be adding my blogs to my personal Pinterest account as a way to improve my readership.

As a business person in social media, I already have my board about what I do and where I can be found.

As the marketing developer for a real estate company, I also have their board up on my Pinterest account.

If you still think Pinterest is silly and heading for a trip on the train to nowhere, think again because this is one more way to brand yourself or your business for what? For F-R-E-E, and don’t we all love that?

Now I have to go, I need to add a Pinterest share tab to all my blogs as well as the Pinterest icon to show people how to find me on Pinterest.

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