Motivation Triggers That Make People Buy Your Affiliate Product or Service

Motivation Triggers That Make People Buy Your Affiliate Product or Service

Affiliate Marketing can be challenging at times when it comes to getting sales for your product or service and improving your click-through rate. One of the means of advertising that can work well for you and increase your click-through rate is to write your ad copy in a way that will let your potential customers know they are dealing with a trustworthy reputable business.

Here are given 10 examples of keywords and phrases that will help you to show that you are not just a fake business, but that you are for real, and that you have in mind their precious time and best interests:

Use the word “fast” in your ad copy. Most people want quick results, rapid delivery, fast ordering, etc. In this advanced and busy age, we usually consider our time more than our money.

Use the word “guaranteed” in your ad. Trust is very important. Customers want to be certain and assured they are not risking their hard-earned money buying your service or product.

Use the word “free” in your ad. Who does not like free genuine incentives? Before they do business with you people want free incentives. They could be free books, accessories, services, etc

Use the phrase “invest in our product” instead of “purchase” or “buy.” This makes prospects feel relieved that if they buy, they ‘re investing in their future. You could also tell people how many others have come back from your product by publishing testimonials to people who have made money or reaped the benefits.

Use the word “limited” in your ad. People usually want to own or receive things that are exclusive or unique because they are considered to be more valuable and the more useful, the more they will treasure your product or service.

Use the word “easy/simple” in your ad. People hate complicacy. They want easy ordering, easy instructions, easy to use, easy payments, etc.

Use the word “testimonial” in your ad. Proof develops trust. People want to see believable proof before they buy your product or service. It should be specific and reputable proof.

Use the word “discount/sale” in your ad. People want to find bargains. They could be rebates, one time sales, percentage offers, get one free offer, etc.

Use the word “you/your” in your ad. Your ad should look natural. People want to know that you are talking to them. This will make them feel comfortable and attract them to read the whole ad.

Use the word “important” in your ad. People do not want to miss important information that could affect their life. People will stop and take notice.

Use the word “new” in your ad. People usually want new products or services like new information, tastes, technology, results, etc. that will improve their lives.

Use attention-grabbing logos and slogans to keep your business running. They make recalling and identifying your business easier for people. For instance, how many times you have had an issue, and the first thing that came into your mind is the logo or slogan of some business. It’s just about like an automatic reaction.

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