Moshi Deep Purple™ origami-inspired UV sanitizer cleans in 4 minutes and folds in seconds » Gadget Flow

A pioneer in the technology accessories space, Moshi develops quality products with an emphasis on sophisticated design, premium quality, and eco-consciousness. The Deep Purple™ origami-inspired UV sanitizer represents Moshi’s vision of a cleaner, safer, and healthier life. The device folds to only two centimeters thick, sliding easily into a bag or backpack. This UV sanitizer combats the accumulation of germs and bacteria on personal belongings, using mercury-free UV-C LED lights that sanitize in only four minutes and clean 360° in a single cycle. The UV effectiveness indicator lets you know that the contents received sufficient exposure. And there are dual fail-safes to ensure there’s no UV light leakage. Power Deep Purple™ with a USB source—such as a wall adapter, car charger, or portable battery. Ideal for cleaning your belongings anywhere, anytime, your Deep Purple™ UV sanitizer works in almost any setting.

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