How to Understand Your Audience’s Search Behavior

Trend research has at all times been a large a part of advertising.

Understanding the underlying reasons of your audience’s resolution making, and the way to leverage the ones to your prefer, is not anything new in our global.

The global is in a large state of flux presently, which affects how we transfer via it and engage with our seek bar.

As seek mavens, we will have to perceive those adjustments, incorporate the ones shifts into our strategies, and are expecting the long-term affects prior to they even occur.

So, how do you establish what the ones shifts are, after they came about, and the way to capitalize on them?

That’s what we’re going to resolution on this article.

And all of it begins with pattern research.

What Is “Trend Analysis”

Trend research is working out fluctuations in customers’ seek pursuits and figuring out rising panorama seek nuances.

Not positive the place to get started?

All you wish to have to successfully behavior a virulent disease pattern research is:

  • Your mind.
  • A loose software.
  • A bit of of initiative.


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Audience Pre-Quarantine vs. Quarantine Search Interest

You can have spotted that your personal behaviors have shifted, each offline and on-line, over the process the pandemic.

You can suppose that your goal audiences’ standard behaviors have additionally shifted.

But how are you able to know evidently?

You want to take a look at the one forged records level to be had: seek quantity records.

The very best manner to transfer via this workout is to focal point on what issues maximum to us all presently: the affect of COVID-19.

To do this, you will have to wreck down the occasions that may affect your audiences’ seek patterns, akin to:

  • Quarantine – all industries.
  • Travel restrictions – commute industries.
  • Financial reduction efforts – finance, wealth control, & insurance coverage industries.
  • Stay-at-home order restrictions progressively elevate – regional affects on all industries.
  • Phase two at the horizon – all industries.

Though there is also extra nuanced occasions and affects from COVID-19, the above checklist illustrates a handful of occasions that had in style affects that you’ll analyze to are expecting how your customers might act as we transfer right into a imaginable 2d wave of shutdowns.


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For the aim of this walkthrough, let’s focal point on “quarantine” and the way the affect of the primary quarantine (March 2020) might assist are expecting customers’ pursuits shifting into the second one quarantine.

Leverage Trend Analysis in Shifting Landscapes

If you don’t already know your conventional seek audiences’ pastime seasonality, that’s the place you’ll want to get started.

The objective is to perceive the alternate in conventional seek habits brought about by quarantine, so you’ll want to perceive the variation between “usual” vs. “unusual” seek.

If you wish to have a refresher on how to establish “usual” seek target market pastime seasonality, take a look at Search Audiences & User Intent: SEO’s Secret Weapon and Top 10 Tools for Bulletproof SEO Content Strategies to perceive one of the simplest ways to leverage SEO equipment for content material methods.

Once you’ve gotten your baseline search audience profile, you’ll get started to perceive what’s modified and regarded as “unusual.”

Understand COVID-19 Impact on Search Audiences

COVID-19 probably hit your seek audiences the toughest with the in style quarantine again in March 2020.

So, that is your next step to your investigation.

To briefly perceive the diversities between seek pastime over the years, my “go-to” software is at all times Google Trends (PS: it’s loose!)

Let’s take a look at the quest pastime shifts for the best way customers spend their time in quarantine lifestyles.

The absolute best assumption this is that your target market is spending extra time at domestic and in search of issues to do.

Let’s dig into Google Trends to verify:

Search pastime in “video games” peaked after in style lockdown.

This is the biggest height we’ve noticed over the last 5 years, bringing consumer seek pastime out of a five-year decline.

Trend Analysis: How to Understand Your Audience’s Search Behavior


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“Video game consoles” additionally skilled this height, exceeding the quest pastime of Holiday 2019, and has noticed sustained seek pastime will increase, which appear to be poised to skyrocket for the 2020 vacation season.

Trend Analysis: How to Understand Your Audience’s Search Behavior

This quarantine pattern extends past the leisure trade.

We see customers supplementing their lives with living room clothes, experimenting within the kitchen (hi, sourdough starters!), growing an outside house at domestic, or even leveling up with extra skill-intensive inventive leisure pursuits.


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Lounge garments: Typical height happens every year in December across the vacations, regardless that 2020 noticed uncharacteristic peaks in March.

Trend Analysis: How to Understand Your Audience’s Search Behavior

Baking: “Baking” noticed a huge surge in pastime firstly of April 2020 – extremely uncharacteristic, for the reason that conventional every year seek pastime height is right through the vacation season.

Trend Analysis: How to Understand Your Audience’s Search Behavior

Outdoor dwelling: The conventional height happens round May as the elements starts to create the most productive outside revel in; on the other hand, the 2020 height used to be a long way above the everyday stable peaks noticed over the last 5 years.

Trend Analysis: How to Understand Your Audience’s Search Behavior


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Creative expression: Creative equipment have sustained pastime year-round with hardly ever any seek pastime “peak” occasions. March 2020 noticed a large build up, suggesting customers have been making an investment in leveling up their abilities right through their quarantine revel in.

Trend Analysis: How to Understand Your Audience’s Search Behavior

Turning Trend Insights Into Action Items

Now that you realize the affects of quarantine for your searchers, you’ll:

  • Reactively provider their present wishes on the time of disruption.
  • Proactively are expecting the desires that can outcome from long run disruption.

Reactive Action Items From Trend Insights

Before leaping into research, it’s vital to needless to say Google Trends pastime charts are relative to the period of time decided on.


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To perceive expansion due to a disruptor, on this case, quarantine, you wish to have to set the date vary to the months right through the disruption to be certain your records is when compared to the former length. This will probably be essential to decoding the knowledge and extracting actionable insights to your “reactive” motion pieces.

Before you progress into the proactive level, you need to ensure to deal with customers’ current shifts in wishes.

For instance, if we return to the video gaming insights, we all know customers have been extra lively in gaming at the beginning of quarantine, demonstrating higher pastime in each informational and transactional searches for video games and consoles.

Here are the dates I’ve selected to analyze the “video games” seek pastime:

Trend Analysis: How to Understand Your Audience’s Search Behavior

Here, our “related queries” records from the API used underneath will examine pastime right through this decided on six-month period of time to the former six months.


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This will even spotlight pursuits for video video games that fall outdoor of our “usual” seek pastime as a result of Holiday 2019 is integrated within the examine length, which is the height seek pastime time.

From right here, we will be able to discover the “related queries” within the Google traits API which permits us to perceive precisely what the ones customers are looking at a better frequency comparable to “video games,” due to the disruptor.

Trend Analysis: How to Understand Your Audience’s Search Behavior

We too can obtain the knowledge into excel and dig extra granularly into each the “rising” and “top” queries.


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Here’s how Google Trends defines each:

“*Top – The most popular search queries. Scoring is on a relative scale where a value of 100 is the most commonly searched query, 50 is a query searched half as often as the most popular query, and so on.

* Rising – Queries with the biggest increase in search frequency since the last time period. Results marked “Breakout” had an incredible build up, most definitely as a result of those queries are new and had few (if any) prior searches.”

Looking on the comparable queries, we will be able to see that customers are in search of video video games to connect to their family and friends by means of video video games right through quarantine and researching the whole “best” video games to play right through this time:


video video games coronavirus Breakout
video games to play over video chat Breakout
video games to play with pals over video name Breakout
video video games liberating in 2020 Breakout
maximum performed video video games presently 3,700%
very best video video games for quarantine 1,500%
most sensible video video games 2020 1,050%
widespread video video games 2020 950%
very best video video games 2020 550%
video games to play over video name 350%
video games to play when bored 200%

This means that online game manufacturers and shops will have to create content material and messaging round how video video games are nice equipment to keep attached whilst staying protected right through quarantine and stay boredom at bay.


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Proactive Action Items From Trend Insights

A 2d segment of lockdowns turns out inevitable. So you’ll use the insights you’ve discovered from the primary quarantine to assist get ready for it.

Continuing with the gaming representation, shoppers are obviously experiencing a renewed pastime in gaming and, in response to seek pastime traits, also are exploring high-level phrases that counsel they would like to find out about to be had choices to extend their recreation collections or console arsenals.

Knowing that vacation is the everyday height season, we will be able to probably be expecting that seek pastime will probably be upper than standard and be an ideal new client acquisition length.

Content introduction and growth concerned with high-funnel subjects like reward guides, very best lists, and most sensible quarantine video games will most likely power consciousness with informational queries and seize certified visitors shifting into the vacation season and the second one around of shutdowns.

A powerful interior linking technique and information architecture will assist transfer customers additional down the funnel to conversion.


Disruptors occur, each large and small.


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As an SEO skilled, it’s your activity to know how to establish and remedy for them.

Paying shut consideration to your customers’ seek behaviors lets in you to react to adjustments in a well timed means, capitalize on alternatives, and are expecting how this may occasionally impact long run seek traits so that you’re ready when the time comes.

Trend research can discover helpful insights that lead to treasured data-driven motion pieces, together with:

  • Content creation and additions.
  • Emerging key phrase focused on alternatives in response to consumer pursuits.
  • Meta records optimization and iterations.
  • Internal linking alternatives.
  • Strategy making plans and highway mapping to account for long run implications.

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