How To Set Up A Blog – Overcome The Challenges By Gail L Ramberg

One of the largest difficulties of blog marketing has been technical difficulties. People didn’t understand how to set up a blog. Fortunately, most of these difficulties have been worked through. It is much simpler to get a blog started. It’s vital to find out how to set up a blog due to the fact that your new blog can grow into the “nerve centre” of your network marketing business. As your new blog develops it should sooner or later provide free, exceptionally targeted traffic. That’s the goal of everything, isn’t it?

How To Set Up A Blog - Overcome The Challenges

As soon as you are taught how to set up a blog, it does several things for your business. Besides the normal bump in traffic, your blog benefits you because your presence is enlarged. Having your own blog will give you three crucial benefits.

1) Branding – having your own blog helps create a representation. It should accurately display who you are.

2) Having your own blog makes you look like an authority since you’re on the fabulous web.

3) Having your own blog will also give you integrity because it “documents you” for all to see.

Starting a blog is by far the best option but a while ago it was arduous to create. You about had to be a technical expert or at the very least have a huge amount of technical expertise to get the precise files downloaded to the correct place, then moved, etc. They have made substantial updates since then. Now learning how to set up a blog can be done in just 5 minutes.

The 1st thing you need to do in setting up your blog is determining hosting for it. Begin with the FAQs or Help page for your current web hosting and do a search for WordPress. The top web hosting companies now effortlessly integrate with WordPress.

If you are honest about getting started with blogging one option is the clear leader. It should be a self-hosted blog done on WordPress. Don’t allow the “self-hosted” part of this freak you out, it only has to have a small number of add-on steps to get set up. The web hosting site will have directions to help you see how it is done.

Another development that makes learning how to set up a blog more easily is the ease of getting video online. You need to find to show you how it’s done. Do a Google search (that is the number one answer today, right??) for “how to set up a blog”. Then look at the answers it gives you. Because of the improvements in the last few years, ensure the videos you are referencing were completed (or updated) in the last year. If you reference material not recent you’ll most likely be completing more steps than are necessary.

Researching how to set up a blog isn’t just about the installation. It is crucial that whatever guide you settle on to use includes info on each of these items. These are all critical steps in learning how to set up a blog.

Blog Installation
The web host you decided on will have a guide to show you how to complete the installation.

Select A Theme And Install It
Wordpress comes with a ready-to-go theme but you have the option of changing it. This isn’t something you need to do when you first start blogging. However, later you may think about this so it is distinct among everything else on the web.

Plugins – Which Ones You Need
These are cool little gadgets that have the ability to actually do anything from a dashboard post-it to checking for broken links. This hint is very important. Absolutely don’t start a blog until you are entirely convinced that your web host does not limit your plugin options.

Your Opt-In Offer – Getting It Added
This is why you are in business. You’ll need to find out how to get your opt-in form added to the blog.

How Does Your Blog Fit Into Your Marketing?
You’ll need to learn how the blog works into your marketing plan.

Blog Settings
Many blogs come with settings that will, in reality, hamper your SEO. Complete some research to see the main settings you will need to switch so you can get the most out of your new blog.

Now that the whole “how to set up a blog” question has been answered, there is nothing preventing you from jumping into the Blog World!

How To Set Up A Blog – Overcome The Challenges

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