How to Restructure Google Ad Accounts Without Wiping out All Your Data

Account construction is at all times a fierce debate among PPC execs.

We’re at all times chasing a marketing campaign construction that may give us the most efficient ROI on our money and time.

So this month’s Ask Me Anything About PPC column solutions a query all of us reduce our enamel on.

Kiel in Worcester asks:

“If I’m using Target CPA bid strategy and I want to move ad groups from one campaign to another (copy and paste and pause the old one), will this interrupt the historic data and damage performance?”

Short resolution: Yes.

Long resolution: There may well be some actual advantages to taking successful to the ancient information of the person advert workforce because the account strikes in opposition to a extra environment friendly construction.


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Any time you progress one thing (keywords, commercials, ad groups, campaigns), you might be beginning over with a web new entity, and the advert community will want to relearn how to take into accounts it.

A caveat to my brief resolution:

If the unique advert workforce final energetic within the unique marketing campaign and the brand new advert workforce goes to a brand new marketing campaign with utterly other concentrated on, there received’t be any interruption.

With that during thoughts, those are the core questions you want to ask your self if you happen to’re bearing in mind transferring an entity:

  • Why am I doing this?
  • What results am I hoping for?
  • How a lot chance is related to this transfer?


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Why Am I Doing This?

There are successfully two faculties of concept on Google seek:

  • Bid on each and every key phrase thought, culling underperformers as information proves out winners and losers.
  • Bid on high-value key phrase ideas, leaving the window open for others, however no longer actively bidding on them.

If you’re having a look to transfer key phrases/advert teams as a result of they now not qualify for the foundations of the marketing campaign (excessive ROAS, low CPC, experimental concepts, and many others.), pausing the ones key phrases/advert teams within the present marketing campaign will permit you to get a blank slate for them whilst liberating up funds for the rest entities.

This may also be nice in the event that they weren’t acting, however transferring a changing time period/advert workforce may cause critical efficiency problems.

If the function is best funds allocation, we would possibly no longer care about “lost” information on an advert workforce getting no screen-time.

Conversely, if an advert workforce/key phrase is being a “budget hog” and has conversions it could make extra sense to let it keep put, transferring the opposite advert teams/key phrases.

As a rule, don’t transfer conversions you trust

What Outcomes Am I Hoping For?

All movements breed reactions – after we make adjustments in our accounts we best act as a result of we imagine there might be a favorable response.

The maximum commonplace results we are hoping for are:

  • Budget potency: Being ready to spend our allotted funds absolutely and with the best ROI.
  • Improved conversion charge: Getting extra leads/gross sales out of the clicks we’re paying for.
  • Reducing wasted spend: Reducing the choice of clicks corresponding to queries the emblem deems wasteful.
  • Easier account control: Restructuring the account so it takes much less time to arrange with out compromising ROI.


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Moving an advert workforce within the title of account control is nearly at all times a smart decision – if you happen to comprehend it may have a greater house, opt for it!

The different objectives want just a little extra concept – particularly conversion charge.

It’s uncommon that conversion charge will toughen simply because an advert workforce is moved from one marketing campaign to some other. Conversion charge is tied to question high quality simply up to it’s tied to funds get right of entry to.

Setting practical expectancies for the advert workforce/key phrase being moved is necessary. Give it time to get re-indexed (5-7 days minimal).

How Much Risk Is Associated With This Move?

Moving an entity (or pausing it out solely) may have a excessive or low affect relying at the following elements:


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  • Age of the entity: Was it simply added, or had it been working for 8 months?
  • Scope of the entity: Are we transferring an underperforming advert workforce with a handful of key phrases as opposed to masses of person key phrases into new houses?
  • Automation: Are automated bidding/settings being deployed?

The older, larger, and extra closely tied into automation the entity is, the much more likely it’s transferring it is going to have a excessive affect.

When coping with a campaign exceeding 5-7 ad groups, I lean in opposition to pausing the underperforming advert teams and transferring any related key phrases into the acting advert teams.

I see this because the lowest chance trail as a result of:

  • I’m no longer interrupting conversions: restructures take time and I don’t need to purpose useless quantity problems (particularly throughout height seasons).
  • Close variants has depreciated the will to bid on the entirety.
  • I will be able to at all times reenable paused entities if it doesn’t work out!


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Higher chance strikes come with:

  • Moving a changing advert workforce/key phrase that has conversions you accept as true with.
  • Introducing a web new advert workforce into an outdated marketing campaign with different energetic acting advert teams.
  • Pausing all ad groups and beginning over with a brand new construction.

Only you’ll be able to come to a decision how a lot chance, you’re ready to tackle, and if that is the fitting time to tackle that chance.


There is not any method to lift over ancient information when transferring a key phrase, advert, or advert workforce.

There are tactics to mitigate the dangers related to the educational duration and toughen the percentages you’ll get the results you’re hoping for!

Have a query about PPC? Submit by means of this form or tweet me @navahf with the #AskPPC hashtag. See you subsequent month!


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