How to Remove Date Snippets from Search Results?

Someone requested a super query in a contemporary Google SEO office-hours about fighting Google from appearing revealed dates within the seek consequence. Mueller really useful what to do in that state of affairs the place a date revealed will have to be averted from appearing within the seek engine effects pages (SERPs).

Static Pages and Publication Dates

Normally Google doesn’t show the date a web page like touch or about us doesn’t want to show the newsletter date.

So if a writer sees a newsletter date within the seek effects it can be proof of one thing surprising within the code that are meant to be got rid of.

John Mueller supplies tips on what to do to resolve the issue.

Question About Removing Date Snippets

The particular person asking the query sought after to know the way to take away the dates.

This is the query:

“How would you remove date snippets appearing in the search results for static pages like home, services, contact, etc.?”

There is No Date Snippet Meta Tag

Google’s Mueller replied that there’s no HTML way to be in contact the desire for the date snippet function.


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For instance, Google obeys a meta tag referred to as, noarchive. The noarchive meta tag tells Google to now not link to a cache of the internet web page.

There may be a nosnippet meta tag that tells Google now not to show a textual content snippet or video assessment in Google’s seek engine effects pages.

But there’s no meta tag for telling Google to now not show a date snippet from the web page.

Google’s John Mueller paused a second, having a look up as he looked for solution.

Then he grew to become to the digicam and mentioned:


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“So… we don’t have a meta tag to remove dates in particular from pages that we show in the search results.

Usually we try to understand when it makes sense to show a date on a page.

And we’ll try to show that in the snippet of the search results itself.”

How to Show Specific Dates in Search Snippets

Mueller subsequent mentioned how to specify the best date in Google’s date snippets within the seek effects.

“If there’s a specific data that you want to have shown, then you can use… I think… the date structured data in the article structured data type, I think… where you can tell use which date we should use there.

So if you do have a date, you can tell us there.

If you don’t tell use there then we’ll look at the content itself to try to find a date within that.”

How to Not Show a Date within the SERPs?

Mueller subsequent suggests concepts of the way to diagnose why Google may well be appearing a date snippet for static pages just like the About Us web page within the seek effects.

Mueller mentioned:

“If you don’t want a date to be shown, then it’s not possible to suppress that date snippet from being shown.

But what you could do is, of course, make sure that there is no date shown on your page.

So if you don’t have any dates in the HTML page, then we don’t really have much to pick up on to show there.

So especially when you’re talking about things like a home page or a contact page, for the most part you probably don’t have dates on there anyway.

So that should be something where you shouldn’t see that too frequently.

If you do see this on pages where you’d say well… it’s a normal Contact Us page, why is Google ever showing any dates there, then I would love to have examples of that.

So in particular a query where you’re seeing that happen and the URLs from your site where that’s happening from.

So that’s something that we can take up with the team here that works on showing dates and recognizing dates on a page.

Where we can say, well maybe we’re recognizing a phone as a date accidentally and we need to be able to fix that.”


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Make Sure No Published Date in HTML

What is also helpful, according to John Mueller is to take a look at your revealed HTML web page and on your browser make a selection to “view code” so as to see if there’s one thing there this is sending date knowledge to Google.

And when you in finding some revealed date knowledge within the HTML code that you simply don’t need revealed in Google’s SERPs then your next step can be to in finding out what’s a part of your code is producing that date and take away it.


Watch Google’s John Mueller Answer  Date Snippets Question

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