How to Optimize Category Pages with Informational Copy

Category pages essentially serve a sensible objective, dividing an ecommerce retailer’s stock into manageable subsections so web shoppers can temporarily navigate to particular merchandise.

However, like maximum site pages, class pages additionally serve a better serve as; they may be able to draw in customers from seek engine effects pages to the site.

Accomplishing this with a class web page is more straightforward stated than completed.

The procedure may contain growing distinctive layouts and hybrid reproduction that marry the purposes of industrial and informational pages.

In this submit, you’ll learn the way you’ll optimize your class pages with informational reproduction.

Ecommerce Category Pages Can Have Competing Objectives

Ecommerce shops use class pages to prepare merchandise into logical groupings that make the net buying groceries enjoy more straightforward.

Just as many brick-and-mortar shops bodily separate products into departments and aisles, ecommerce websites separate merchandise into classes with their very own touchdown pages and sub-filters.

Category pages permit customers to discover a digital retailer in an intuitive method, and residential in at the sorts of merchandise they would like to browse.


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In phrases of visible design, class pages have a tendency to have easy, highly-structured layouts.

More steadily than now not, class pages characteristic photographs of particular person merchandise that link to their corresponding product pages arranged in grids.

Take, as an example, H&M’s class web page for girls’s tops:

Excluding the markdown promotion, navigational links, and seek filters, the one textual content at the web page is a temporary description of the product class and particular person product names with costs.


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The product photographs talk for themselves, and the simplistic web page design permits customers to store related merchandise with out distraction.

Once a client navigates to this class web page, they may be able to merely scroll during the product choices till they to find precisely what they’re on the lookout for.

However, ecommerce entrepreneurs could also be taking a look to increase sales for a selected product class, now not simply advertise the logo at huge.

How are you able to draw in attainable consumers without delay to class pages from seek?

Adding keyword-optimized textual content is the go-to technique for making improvements to on-page SEO and web page rank.

However, SEO professionals have to tread sparsely when including textual content to class pages. Too a lot textual content can distract customers from wealthy product photographs and remove from the useful simplicity of the web page format.

When it comes to class pages, SEO professionals have to adhere to two apparently oppositional SEO and UX strategies:

  • Including sufficient textual content to successfully goal key phrases.
  • Maintaining a easy, image-focused design.

Striking a stability between those two targets has confirmed difficult for plenty of.

To Optimize Category Pages or Not

Category web page optimization calls for an artistic, knowledgeable technique.

Ask your self this very important query: What components lend a hand class pages rank for particular key phrases?

Google provides little perception into the subject.

Google’s Webmaster Guidelines useful resource does now not come with knowledge particular to class web page ranking, leaving SEO professionals at the hours of darkness.

This loss of path would possibly lead optimization efforts for class pages off track, devaluing those necessary pages.

To steer clear of penalization for thin pages or ranking battle between pages, some choose to noindex category pages moderately than development them out for optimization.

But isn’t there one thing that may be completed?

In September 2019, John Mueller, Google’s Senior Webmaster Trends Analyst, pulled again the curtain ever so relatively when answering a query about class web page ranking all over a Webmaster Hangout.

According to Search Engine Journal body of workers creator Roger Montti, Mueller presented the following tips on how to rank category pages:


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  • Optimize interior linking to class pages.
  • Avoid key phrase stuffing inside of class pages.
  • Build exterior hyperlinks to class pages.
  • As a temporary resolution, make it more straightforward for customers to navigate to class pages from product pages.

Aside from the standardized warning against keyword stuffing, Mueller’s solutions didn’t cope with class web page content material itself.

While interior linking, link development, and simplifying web page navigation is just right recommendation, those techniques aren’t particular to class pages.

Even with Mueller’s remarks, SEO professionals had been left none the wiser on how to craft high-ranking, useful class pages that concurrently toughen each their UX and SEO targets.

Keyword Selection for Ecommerce Category Pages

As with all different pages, class web page optimization starts with figuring out which key phrase or key phrases to goal.

SEO professionals must work via the usual keyword research process, comparing seek quantity and ranking problem, making an allowance for the stops alongside the client adventure, and examining seek intent.

Understanding key phrase seek intent is a best precedence for optimizing ecommerce class pages.


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If you need to enhance a class web page’s ranking, you wish to have to goal seek engine customers who already know what product sort they would like and are able to purchase.

To determine the “right” key phrase goal for a class web page, SEO professionals would possibly have the benefit of differentiating key phrase sorts in line with seek intent.

You’ll discover a useful classification of keywords at the SEMrush weblog, which breaks key phrases down into the next classes:

  • Commercial/Transactional Keywords: Commercial key phrases direct customers to websites that promote the goods they’re taking a look to purchase. Transactional key phrases in particular goal customers who’re keen to purchase in an instant and can also be simply transformed by including phrases like “buy,” “purchase,” and “for sale.”
  • Informational Keywords: Users on the lookout for instructional knowledge on a undeniable matter or product steadily seek key phrase phrases with query phrases equivalent to “how,” “what,” “where,” and “why.”
  • Navigational Keywords: Search engine customers who need to to find the webpage for a selected corporate steadily seek the logo by title.

Select key phrases with sturdy buying intent, now not large phrases a consumer would seek to to find informational sources.

Remember, class pages absolute best serve customers who already know what form of product they’re on the lookout for and feature critical or speedy goal to make a purchase order.

Transactional key phrases goal customers at this level of their buyer adventure, making them best for product pages.


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Optimizing Ecommerce Category Page Copy

With a key phrase goal known, you’ll get started writing copy for the category page.

However, so as to care for the useful format of the web page, you can’t permit the textual content to take in an excessive amount of house or upload litter to the design.

And, as Mueller identified, you will have to have in mind of key phrase stuffing.

Remember, class pages depend on simplicity and group to supply a continuing consumer enjoy.

They additionally want to prioritize wealthy photographs that show off particular person merchandise.

How are you able to care for those necessary purposes whilst incorporating sufficient textual content to rank for the key phrase goal with out over-stuffing?

Here are a couple of guidelines for writing compelling, optimized ecommerce web page reproduction:

Add Text in Small Snippets

Ranking for a key phrase with minimum reproduction calls for that you simply take advantage of each textual content asset on a class web page.

Fortunately, there are methods to come with quite a lot of textual content on a class web page with out writing long paragraphs which are visually distracting.


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Optimize class web page reproduction to incorporate quick industrial textual content main points by:

  • Including a class description of the product class creates a possibility to use the objective key phrase contextually and to percentage knowledge and main points that set your logo excluding competition.
  • Using headings & subheadings in order that the category title isn’t the one header on a class web page. Make use of subheadings to optimize the web page reproduction, upload visible group, and to leverage product subcategories.
  • Leading customers to informational pages. Category pages can link to interior informational pages which are related to the goods promoted at the web page. Writing a temporary description of the related web page now not best provides to the entire quantity of textual content at the class web page but in addition will give you a possibility to use optimized anchor textual content.
  • Make product descriptions subject by ensuring that each product featured on a class web page features a product title, value, and quick description.

Using the methods above, you’ll upload optimized textual content to a class web page with out intruding at the web page’s product-focused design.

Can Successful Category Pages Contain Informational Content?

Depending at the goal key phrase and the contest inside of your area of interest, this restricted quantity of reproduction could also be sufficient to earn a first-page ranking.

However, ecommerce companies in additional saturated markets would possibly fight to set themselves aside with so little reproduction.

To additional optimize a web page whilst nonetheless fending off key phrase stuffing, your herbal inclination could also be to construct out the web page with helpful textual content and graphics.

Doing so can provide a battle of pastime, regardless that, as further imagery cannot best confuse customers visually however too can misdirect crawlers.

Once you’ve written the web page’s transactional textual content (just like the product descriptions discussed above), the reproduction you upload will be lengthier and informational by default.


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If this informational reproduction outweighs the industrial sides of the web page, Google would possibly misidentify a class web page as an informational web page.

This makes it tricky to rank for transactional key phrases and compete with different strictly informational pages.

This tug-of-war between class web page serve as and optimization raises a very powerful query.

How a lot informational reproduction can a class web page characteristic with out sacrificing its serve as as a industrial web page – each within the eyes of customers and crawlers?

Analyzing Top-Ranking Category Pages With Informational Copy

While there’s no magic system to resolve how a lot informational reproduction a class web page may have with out hurting its ranking, a lot can also be discovered from current class pages that rank smartly for transactional key phrases.

To gauge the efficiency of class pages with various ranges of informational textual content, evaluate all class pages that rank throughout the best 10 for a undeniable time period.

In the examples beneath, the corporations indexed had a first-page ranking class web page corresponding to the given transactional seek time period.


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The approximate informational content phrase counts come with best content material that doesn’t pertain to a selected product featured at the web page.

To goal purely informational reproduction, those phrase counts exclude particular person product main points, sale promotions, basic corporate and buying groceries knowledge, different class and subcategory names, filters, similar merchandise, beneficial merchandise, navigational textual content, evaluations, sidebars, footers, and so on.

For each and every instance, the ecommerce logo rank and approximate quantity of informational content material are given.

1) Keyword: “shop throw pillows”

  • Pottery Barn – Ranked #1 with 440 phrases.
  • West Elm – #2 with 390 phrases.
  • Wayfair – #3 with 2,880 phrases.
  • At Home – #7 with 90 phrases.
  • World Market – #8 with 220 phrases.

2) Keyword: “buy mens glasses”

  • EyeBuyDirect – #1 with 290 phrases.
  • Eyeconic – #3 with 450 phrases.
  • LensCrafters – #4 with 110 phrases.
  • Coastal – #7 with 40 phrases.
  • GlassesUSA – #8 with 31 phrases.
  • GlassesStore – #9 with 100 phrases.
  • 39 Dollar Glasses – #10 with 580 phrases.


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3) Keyword: “order dining room table”

  • Wayfair – #3 with 1,050 phrases.
  • The Home Depot – #4 with 440 phrases.
  • Crate and Barrel – #5 with 490 phrases.
  • Pottery Barn – #6 with 730 phrases.
  • Ashley Furniture – #9 with 450 phrases.
  • Macy’s – #10 with 310 phrases.

These few examples are repeatable with all various kinds of merchandise.

They expose that class pages with quite a lot of informational content material quantity can effectively rank for transactional seek phrases.

For the similar seek question (“shop throw pillows”), a web page with round 3,000 phrases of informational content material ranked upper than one with round 100.

While Wayfair’s follow of publishing text-heavy class pages might be relatively of an outlier, it proves that optimizing a class web page with huge parts of informational content material can also be completed.

Does that imply you must revisit class pages and get started development them out with lengthy passages of textual content? Not essentially.

A more secure technique for optimizing class pages is to emulate your individual festival—however do it higher.

Once you’ve decided on a key phrase to goal, move during the first SERP and skim any informational content material featured on ranking class pages.


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If you understand a development within the period of non-transactional textual content, observe it.

Just make certain your reproduction is of higher high quality than the contest.

Informational Copy & Layout Strategies

Though the class pages analyzed above have wide-ranging informational textual content lengths, they provide the tips in identical techniques.

First and principal, it’s very important that SEO professionals don’t permit informational content material to develop into a class web page into one thing else altogether.

The web page must retain the user-friendly, intuitive really feel of a class web page.

The web page must focal point on gross sales conversion, with wealthy product photographs and outlines and helpful navigation.

With those options in position, you’ll then create supplementary content material to spice up key phrase optimization.

Many of the class pages indexed above use the next methods to incorporate better sections of textual content:

  • Strategic Placement & Organization: To steer clear of interference with navigational gear and product visuals, SEO professionals steadily position a temporary introductory paragraph of informational reproduction on the best of the web page and save the lengthier textual content for the ground, in spite of everything product photographs.
  • Collapsible Content: Including collapsible reproduction with “see more” and “see less” choices permits SEO professionals to upload considerable quantities of knowledge with out overwhelming the consumer or overcomplicating the format.
  • Shopping Guides: To upload related content material to class pages, copywriters steadily write how-to buying groceries guides that give an explanation for all of the issues a client must make when buying a product at the web page.
  • FAQs: Frequently requested query sections comprise helpful knowledge, have keyword-rich textual content, and most often don’t require consecutive paragraphs of textual content, making them best for the ground of class pages.
  • Quality Statements: A class web page is a perfect position to make a price commentary. For instance, describing how the goods are made and what fabrics are used permits SEO professionals to upload optimized textual content that’s particular to the product class.


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The Hybrid Approach to Category Pages

In the area of SEO, there’s hardly ever a novel proper method to whole an function or succeed in the highest spot on Google seek for a goal key phrase.

Achieving (and keeping up) excessive scores, visitors, and gross sales conversions require trial and mistake and ongoing evolution.

In flip, many class pages now make use of each industrial and informational content material methods, leading to distinctive hybrids with nice variance between manufacturers.

Fortunately, SEO professionals and copywriters don’t have to to find the precise stability and create best class pages – you simply have to outpace their festival.

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