How to Benefit from “SEO Power” of Links to Old Press Release Pages?

The individual asking the query said that they have got a great amount of press releases that experience accrued back links from top authority websites, probably from websites like information websites and different websites that could be essential to the area of interest.

The query revolves on how to reorganize the website online in order that all the press free up segment is blocked off from Google however in some way that the website online may just nonetheless get advantages from the back links from the “high authority” websites.

“…We have a site with a large number of press release pages.

These are quite old…they have accumulated a large amount of backlinks but they don’t get any traffic.

But they are quite high authoritative domains pointing to them.”

The query endured:

“I was thinking… we can move it to an archive. but I still would like to benefit from the SEO power these pages have built up over time.

So is there a way to do this cleverly… moving them… to an archive… but then still… benefit from the SEO power these pages have built up over time?”


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There’s so much to unpack in that query, particularly the section concerning the accumulation of hyperlinks to a bit of the website online and the “SEO power” the ones pages have to unfold round.

There are many SEO theories about hyperlinks as it’s unclear how Google makes use of them.

The phrase “opaque” method one thing that isn’t clear and makes it laborious to see one thing obviously.

Google isn’t just opaque about how they use hyperlinks, however the way in which they use hyperlinks is evolving, similar to the remainder of their algorithms. That additional complicates forming concepts about how hyperlinks in reality work.

Googlers have made statements about some of those concepts, like the idea that of hyperlinks conferring so-called authority to complete domain names (Google’s John Mueller reaffirms that Google does not have a domain authority metric or signal in use at Google).

So occasionally it’s very best to stay an open thoughts about hyperlinks so as to be receptive to data that would possibly counter what’s frequently accredited as true, particularly if there are more than one statements from Googlers that contradict the ones concepts.


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John Mueller paused to suppose sooner than answering the query about very best means to get advantages from “SEO power” of previous hyperlinks.

Then he mentioned:

“I mean, you can just redirect them to a different part of your site.

If you have an archive section for this kind of older content, which is very common, then… moving the content there and redirecting the URLs there, that essentially tells us to forward the links there.”

The individual asking the query mentioned that some of the content material wanted to be there for criminal causes and that Google doesn’t have to get right of entry to the ones internet pages at all times.

He mentioned that he used to be bearing in mind disallowing the folder that contained the internet pages.

Disallowing method blocking off search engines like google and yahoo from crawling sure pages the usage of the Robots.txt protocol, which search engines like google and yahoo are obliged to obey.

Robots.txt is some way, amongst a number of issues, to inform search engines like google and yahoo which pages now not to move slowly.

His observe up query used to be:

“Will this also mean that the built-up SEO Power will be ignored from that point onward?”

Google’s Mueller closed his eyes and tilted his head up, pausing a second sooner than answering that query.

John Mueller Paused Before Answering Question about SEO Power of Links

Screenshot of Google's John Mueller answering question about SEO Power of links

John mentioned:


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“So probably we would already automatically crawl less if we recognize that they’re less relevant for your site.

Not the case that you need to block it completely.

If you were to block it completely with robots.txt, we would not know what was on those pages.

So essentially, when there are lots of external links pointing to a page that is blocked by robots.txt then sometimes we can still show that page in the search results but we’ll show it it with a title based on the links and a text that says, oh, we don’t know what is actually here.

And if that page that is being linked to is something that is just referring to more content within your website, we wouldn’t know.

So we can’t, kind of, indirectly forward those links to your primary content.

So that’s something where if you see that these pages are important enough that people are linking to them, then I would try to avoid blocking them by robots.txt.
The other thing kind of to keep in mind, also is that these kind of press release pages, things that collect over time, usually the type of links that they attract are a very time-limited kind of thing, where a new site will link to it once.

And then when you look at the number of links, it might look like there are lots of links here. But these are really old news articles which are in the archives of those news sites, essentially.

It’s also kind of a sign, well, they have links but those links are not extremely useful because it’s so irrelevant in the meantime.”


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SEO Power of Links?

It’s notable that Mueller refrained from discussing the “SEO power” of hyperlinks. Instead he targeted at the time similar high quality of the hyperlinks and the (lack of) usefulness in phrases of relevance for previous information similar hyperlinks.

The SEO group has a tendency to suppose of information similar hyperlinks as being helpful. But Mueller referred to “really old news articles” as being in archives and likewise being an indication that the ones hyperlinks aren’t helpful as a result of of relevance problems.

In basic, information has time-based relevance. What used to be related 5 years in the past is probably not as helpful or related within the provide.

So in some way, Mueller appeared to be not directly downplaying the perception of “SEO power” of hyperlinks as a result of of problems similar to the place the ones hyperlinks had been coming from (information websites) and since of the passage of time making the ones hyperlinks much less helpful as a result of they’re referring to an issue that is probably not evergreen however of the instant, which has already handed.


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