Google Explains What URL Removals Tool Does

Google’s John Mueller responded a tweet in regards to the URL Removal Tool and why it wasn’t operating the way it was once anticipated to. The query was once within the context of a website that was once hacked and generated Japanese junk mail pages.

Google Search Results Show Hacked Pages

One of essentially the most irritating issues to occur to a website is to get hacked. The frustration is compounded when Google displays non-existent junk mail URLs within the seek effects.

That state of affairs is strictly what the one who requested the query was once coping with. They attempted the use of Google’s URL Removal Tool however it looked as if it would no longer have the predicted and desired impact.

According to the individual asking the question:

“A website gets attacked “Japanese Spam”, the landlord cleans the code, optimizes and secures the web page however seek effects will take their very own time to supply neat effects.”


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They subsequent described the problem:

“Even after removing URL’S from SERP through Search console, the URL’s tend to come back to the search results or remain in index though as 404 pages.

Why is Google getting those 404 pages back in index after removing them?”

How Google’s URL Removal Tool Works

The individual asking the query was once at a loss for words as to why the URLs remained in Google’s Search Index. It’s a not unusual belief that the use of the URL Removal Tool will take away the URL from the SERPs and the index.


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But that’s no longer what’s in fact going down.

John Mueller responded via Twitter:

“The URL removal tool in Search Console just temporarily hides pages from the search results, it doesn’t remove anything from the index.
Sometimes these pages take a while to be reindexed (& usually those are less-frequently shown in search anyway, so few people see it).”

Google Search Console Help: URL Removals Tool

Google’s Webmaster Support web page for the URL Removals Tool very obviously says that the device leads to a short lived elimination. The phrase “temporarily” is used 11 occasions at the web page, making it transparent that the impact isn’t everlasting.

The web page says:

“The Removals tool enables you to temporarily block pages from Google Search results on sites that you own.”

Further down the web page it says that the device is efficacious for preventing a URL from showing within the seek effects.

“Follow this procedure to temporarily block a URL from appearing in Google Search results.”

In some way it’s a bit of complicated to name the device a Removal Tool for the reason that phrase “removal” has a way of permanence.

The definition of the phrase “removal” is:

“The action of taking away or abolishing something unwanted.”

That definition does no longer make allowances for the temporariness of the elimination.

But the truth is that the impact of the device is most effective brief.


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Maybe Google will have to rename it from the URL Removals Tool to the Temporary URL Removals Tool?

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