Google Ads Salesperson Alleged to Link Organic Ranking to Ad Spend

A member of the quest neighborhood alleged in a tweet that her consumer used to be explicitly instructed by Google that spending extra on ppc (PPC) promoting would beef up their natural seek scores.

The accusation used to be surprising to many within the Twitter thread as a result of Google has lengthy insisted there’s no direct affect on natural scores from the use of their promoting.

Google’s Policy on Advertising and Search

Google has lengthy maintained that there’s a firewall between the paid aspect and the natural aspect and that each side don’t keep in touch.

Startling Solicitation From Google Alleged

Because Google has maintained this separation between the paid and natural aspects of Google one seek marketer expressed surprise on Twitter after a shopper used to be solicited from Google’s PPC gross sales to building up their spending so as to building up their scores.

“Shakedown” of  a Google Ads Customer?

The phrase “shakedown” has a number of meanings, together with extortion. Extortion method making anyone pay for one thing by power of a risk. It’s a phrase that connotes corruption.


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Fittingly, the phrase shakedown conjures the imagery of maintaining anyone the other way up by the heels and shaking their cash out in their wallet.

She tweeted:

“I’m not sure yet how to process the fact that Google just did a shakedown of one of our clients. In essence, they were told to spend more on paid ads in order to improve organic search *for their brand name.*”

She then followed up with:

“for a long time, those of us active in SEO knew that Google would do this, but Google always denied it.

It really hit differently to see them say it out loud.”

Person Insists that is Not a Misunderstanding

Naturally (and slightly), some requested if it had been conceivable that this used to be a miscommunication.

The solution from the individual reporting the alleged incident used to be no, they reported that this used to be no longer a miscommunication.


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They stated that the alleged solicitation from the Google salesclerk used to be unambiguous. They stated that the Google Ads salesclerk had explicitly related development of natural scores to an building up in advert spending.

This wasn’t simply one thing that used to be alleged to had been communicated orally both. The individual recounting the alleged incident stated that the Google salesclerk had put it in writing in an e-mail.

She tweeted:

“Fortunately, our client forwarded the email with a “holy cow I can’t believe they put it in writing. What do you think?”

We have subtle and good purchasers.”

Then followed up in the Twitter thread:

“I need to ask you to trust me when I say it was blatant quid pro quo. I prefer not to be more specific in public right now while I wait to see if this is news or not.”

Google’s Danny Sullivan Intervenes

Perhaps no one used to be extra involved than Danny Sullivan.

He stopped into the dialogue to tweet a response:

“Ad spend will not increase your SEO. At all. And if you want to DM me the info, I’ll follow up with the @GoogleAds team to track down why this got said. Because it should never be said, because it absolutely doesn’t work that way.”

Someone answered that PPC shouldn’t leverage natural to promote extra advertisements.

Google’s Danny Sullivan showed that he had already taken motion.

He tweeted:

“It will be addressed. I’ve already send some emails about it now. I’m guessing that maybe the rep was referencing some studies I recall that sometimes, users might click more on either ads or unpaid search results when both are present. Which is NOT a way to boost SEO ranking…”


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In solution to anyone else, Danny answered:

The dialogue ended quietly with the unique poster confirming that Danny had contacted her.

Google PPC and Organic Search Separation

Google used to be at the start an advert loose carrier. This helped Google acquire reputation since the different search engines like google and yahoo had been larded over with banner advertisements, making seek a deficient consumer enjoy.

So when Google in the end presented promoting they pledged that the promoting aspect would by no means affect the natural seek scores.

While through the years Google’s been accused of coordinating with the paid seek aspect to show deficient seek ends up in order to inspire extra advert clicks, the ones had been most often concepts from the perimeter corners of seek advertising, baseless conspiracy theories.


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The majority of other people in that Twitter dialogue seemed to imagine that the alleged incident used to be no longer a typical event. Read the Twitter discussion here.

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