Does Google Set Limits to Search Traffic?

Google’s John Mueller replied a query about throttling visitors to websites displayed in Google Discover. Many publishers have through the years suspected that Google places a restrict on how a lot visitors some websites obtain.

The query used to be about Google Discover, a function in Android the place Google will show websites of pastime to customers on a cell phone.

So, with Google Discover, if an individual enjoys bicycling, Google might start appearing articles within the Google Discover feed about cycling.

Google Search Traffic Limit Theory

Some within the SEO seek advertising neighborhood have prompt that Google throttles visitors. Throttling approach to regulate how a lot of one thing flows thru.

Web publishers have spotted that visitors every so often is available in bursts and that the day-to-day visitors totals appear to have a ceiling, a restrict.


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This phenomenon is what brought about some publishers to counsel that Google throttles visitors.

The individual asking the query implicitly asks if it has one thing to do with the server capability.

Does Google Put Limits on Search Traffic to Websites?

Here is the query that used to be requested of John Mueller:

“…as we see Google crawling according to the server capacity, so does Google set a Discover traffic limit?

Like that website received that much of traffic from Discover than its server can handle?”

Google’s John Mueller replied the query however didn’t restrict the solution to Google Discover. He expanded the solution to be inclusive of seek visitors as neatly.

John Mueller Looked Up as He Considered His Answer

Google’s John Mueller replied:


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“No. I don’t think so.

I mean, we generally don’t have any kind of… search traffic limits.

So that applies to Discover as well.

So it’s not that we would say this website gets 1,000 visitors from search and then we stop showing it.

Because, I mean, the ideal situation is we show a website that is really good for a search query, and we show it to anyone who comes because it’s a good website.

So it would be kind of weird to say, we think it’s a good website but we’re not going to show it to people.”

Google Traffic Throttling is a Myth

There are many the reason why visitors may well be heavy all over part of the day after which taper off. Sometimes it’s as a result of other people at work or after college are researching. Sometimes it’s as a result of persons are at lunch and are casually surfing the internet.

Search intent is not only why any individual is the usage of positive key phrases. It’s additionally situational in that seek intent could also be comparable to the place the question is made and when the question is made.

Tools similar to Google Trends can assist publishers perceive the place (geographically) nearly all of positive queries are made and that can provide a clue as to why the ones seek guests have a tendency to taper off at a definite time of day.

Google’s John Mueller showed that if seek visitors tapers off at a suite quantity in line with day, the reason being no longer as a result of Google is popping off the quest visitors.


Watch Google’s John Mueller resolution if Google throttles seek visitors:

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