COURANT AirPods Pro Leather Case protects your earbuds and offers wireless charging » Gadget Flow

Opt for the COURANT AirPods Pro Leather Case to protect your earbuds during storage. Designed with a leather exterior, it’s durable while remaining soft against your luxury AirPods Pro. Furthermore, this case offers wireless charging compatibility to keep the battery topped up for the next use. And they offer a snug fit to your earbuds, thanks to the additional cap adhesive strip to keep them secure. The COURANT AirPods Pro Leather Case is available in various colors: Saddle, Black, Ash, Bone, so you can choose a shade that suits your style. Alternatively, purchase this as a gift. The monogram edition allows you to personalize the case with a kind message or a loved one’s name. Plus, the handcrafted stitching provides a luxury finish that’s great to gift for a special occasion.

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