By The Book Airback ethical modern backpack is an all-in-one bag for everyday use » Gadget Flow

You can stop switching between different bags when you have the By The Book Airback ethical modern backpack. With a durable design, this ethical backpack consists of recycled plastic bottles and car safety belts, promoting sustainability. What’s more, it’s waterproof and shock absorbent to protect all your gear inside. With a cushioned structure, this bag is comfortable to wear throughout the day. And you’ll find that the 850-gram weight is light enough for your daily commute. More than just a great work bag, this multiuse ethical modern backpack works as a pillow, diaper changing pad, and more. Designed with convenience in mind, the Airback has three separate compartments for all your belongings. Finally, you can choose between three colors—black, green, or red—depending on which earth tone best blends with your aesthetic.

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