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The BLADE bone conduction speaker isn’t your reasonable audio supply. Using bone-conduction technology, this super-thin gadget can if truth be told flip anything into a speaker! Simply position it on anything hole—like a helmet or espresso mug—and it turns it into an audio-emitting powerhouse. You will even connect it to an software if you wish to play song a bit louder. In truth, with a quantity vary as much as 115 decibels, the BLADE speaker is round 5 occasions as loud as your reasonable smartphone or pill. About the similar measurement as a bank card, this transportable speaker weighs best 35 grams and is as thick as a piece of cardboard. Compatible with Bluetooth units, this speaker pairs with every other BLADE to supply true omnidirectional stereo sound. Finally, its 4,000 mAh battery lasts for as much as 4 hours. And it fees by the use of its high-speed USB-C port to energy it up in fewer than half-hour.

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