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The AntiVirBag portable air cleaner is an cutting edge gadget that also acts as an ionizer and ozonizer. This compact, battery-operated gadget supplies blank air in a room as much as 20 sq. meters in measurement. While air indoors and outdoor has micro organism, virus, fungi, protozoa, pollen, and extra contaminants, the AntiVirBag neutralizes them by 99.9%. Whether you’re at house, work, in a automotive, in an elevator, or at a cafe, this gadget is helping you breathe cleanly. Help save you the unfold of diseases with this portable air cleaner, which is able to scale back the potential for an infection in public. The nice phase is it calls for no filers, this means that it doesn’t have routine prices. And, when it runs low on battery, simply recharge it by way of USB.

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