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The AKYOR SILKYOR active mask makes use of 3 varieties of technology: electrostatic, ultrasonic, and UV-C. Not handiest is that this active mask at ease to put on, nevertheless it additionally remains sealed for your face. Made of food-grade silicone, the SILKYOR makes use of an leading edge MERV 16  filter out, which is more practical than an N95. Moreover, AKYOR’s complicated UV-C LED engine integrates as much as 8 high-power UVC LEDs on an aluminum body. And it supplies as much as 133 mW of optical persistent adjusted by an ultrasonic flowmeter. Furthermore, the electrostatic-ultrasonic blended particle lure provides as much as 90% further filtration for 300-nanometer debris. While the air freely flows throughout the lengthy tunnel, the electrostatic lure and the ultrasonic disturbance engine decelerate the motion of the debris throughout the optical chamber. Slowing down the airflow as much as one respiring cycle inside of an extended air pathway, it considerably will increase pathogen UV gentle publicity time to your wholesome.

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