About Us

When it comes to starting up, building up and growing a wildly profitable business nothing is more important than marketing. I know that is a bold statement but it is the truth.  Marketing is the single most important element in business success and a solid strategy should always form the foundation of any marketing campaign, tactic or idea. Marketing is so important because it doesn’t matter how good your product or service is if nobody knows you exist. Considering the unignorable importance of marketing in today’s world, we are building a stable website what we name as Marketing Article Library. Our goal is to become the largest repository of marketing related articles, tutorials, white papers, and how-tos anywhere in the world. Marketing Article Library will be adding the article about different marketing tactics, tools, tips and strategies so that you can use them to immediately take your business to the next level.

Free Quality Content For Our Publishers…

This is a work-in-progress. Over the next few months, we will, with your help, be adding volumes of new marketing-related materials in a content-rich, fully searchable, repository. These articles will be available free to publishers of all offline and online publications, to end-users, academics, researchers, etc. Virtually anyone in the world with any interest or involvement in sales and marketing is invited to use this resource.

Solid Benefits For Our Authors and Experts

For author’s, investors, brokers, consultants, teachers, etc., Marketing Article Library will prove to be an invaluable, no-cost, method to publish and syndicate your work on the world stage. Not only will you be performing a generous act by making your intellectual property available for reprint, but you will also reap some very tangible rewards for doing so. The publication brings the very real benefits of enhanced reputation, widened contacts, increased website traffic, business referrals, speaking engagements, consulting contracts, book deals… consultancy contracts, book deals … This collection is almost infinite!

Our plans for promoting Marketing Article Library are very aggressive. We will be tapping the full gamut of marketing methods to expand the traffic flow, promote your individual articles, and make Marketing Article Library. Our promotional schedule will include targeted magazines, trade shows, SEO, PPC. In short, all targeted offline and online media will be exploited to bring quality visitors to this site and this results in expanded opportunities for you.

It is a savvy marketing move that you will never regret.