5 Disastrous Blogger Mistakes You Should Know In Advance

Hello dear readers. Each person, trying to make a name for himself in any field of activity, whether creating a blog or a company, makes mistakes at the initial stage. Some in a state of frustration abandon a new business, others go to the end, achieving what they wanted. But, bypassing some difficulties, it is possible to increase the efficiency of working time and expended forces. True, you need to know these mistakes in advance. Starting with such a voluminous and informative introduction, I will bring you to the topic of this article. Today we will talk about the most common mistakes of bloggers and will look for ways to solve them.

5 disastrous blogger mistakes

First Mistake

The first mistake is spasmodic blogging. So, you created your project, and, burning with desire, you started filling it with material rather. Filled, filled, and then stopped, forgot for a week, two, a month. This blogging is strictly prohibited. Believe me, I made this mistake and regretted after I understood everything for a very long time. Not convinced? Then imagine the following situation from the point of view of both SMO and SEO. Your site has gained 30 subscribers over the years. You wrote a lot (about three weeks), and then your ideas ran out. You are throwing a blog; Subscribers understand that nothing interesting will appear, and simply unsubscribe from the RSS feed. At one time, search robots create a report for themselves: “There is no content – the blog is abandoned, this is not needed.” Therefore, my friends, write steadily. Not so much, and not so little.

Second Mistake

The second mistake is waiting for an instant result. Again, every blogger wants to achieve his goal as quickly as possible. But, unfortunately, or fortunately, this will not happen. It is necessary to work hard in order to achieve something. To dwell on failures is a catastrophic mistake. Suppose that the first time you did not achieve what you wanted. Analyse why this happened, and next time you will be doomed to success.5 Disastrous Blogger Mistakes You Should Know In Advance

Third Mistake

The third mistake is setting unattainable goals. Each blogger, creating his brainchild, wants it to bring him any benefit. So, in the plans, there are such items as, for example, “attendance in 3 months for 500 people”, “TIC 100-150, PR = 5 ″, and many others that do not satisfy the possibilities of the real situation. Hope for the best, but do not let this best turn into pink glasses.

Fourth Mistake

The fourth mistake is laziness. The word itself speaks for itself. It is categorically contraindicated for any blogger to give up before this vice (doctor’s opinion). Try not to abandon your project, by the way, an article on how to overcome laziness will help you with this.

Fifth Mistake

The fifth mistake is working in only one area. The name is not very clear, so I’ll explain. There are people who work either in SEO or in SMO. Both sides need to be supported, then you will be doomed to success. I personally worked only on search engine optimization and completely forgot about social networks, which, of course, is bad. Do not make my mistake.


SMO (Social Media optimization) – a set of measures aimed at attracting targeted visitors using various social services.SEO (Search Engine Optimization) – a set of measures aimed at creating the best version of a CMS (engine) site for further promotion in search engines.Frustration – a mental condition that occurs in situations of real or perceived impossibility of satisfying those or other needs.


I hope you can avoid the mistakes that I and my friends made. If you have any questions, ask them in the comments – I will be happy to answer. Also, do not forget to subscribe to the RSS feed (subscription form on the right), like, plus this article in Google, and visit the blog more often!

5 Disastrous Blogger Mistakes You Should Avoid In Advance

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